Channel Letters

Snap Fitness Front Lit Channel Letters At Night

Compared to lightboxes, channel letters offer more shape options and dramatic lighting, thus making them a favourite for signage. A CNC router is used to custom cut the acrylic/polycarbonate faces and a bender to shape aluminum coil sides. There are three types of channel letters: front lit, back lit/halo lit, and a combination of front and back lit. Let your imagination do the creating.

Front Lit

Front Lit Letters are the most common type of channel letters. They are illuminated at the front and are either mounted on a raceway or directly on buildings. Our standard returns (depth of the aluminum side) is 3.5" or 5" with a 1" trim cap return on the face.

Front Lit Channel Letter

Back Lit

Back lit channel letters are also known as halo lit or reverse channel letters. The letters are open in the back or have an clear back face and installed with some distance from the wall to allow for light to reflect off the wall, hence the halo effect.

Back lit Channel Letter

Front & Back Lit

Front and back lit channel letters use a combination of front and back translucent acrylic faces to allow for more colours. In other words, you can have one colour for the front face and a back lit halo effect in another colour.

Front And Back Lit Channel Letter

Our Project Samples

Just Your Style Hair Salon Deerfoot City

Front Lit Channel Letters for Just Your Style Hair Salon at Deefoot City

Le Da Restaurant Signage

Green LED back lit cut-out letters wth front lit year channel letters for Le Da Restaurant

Mint Nail And Spa Lounge Signage

Front Lit Channel Letters Installed On A Raceway For Mint Nail and Spa Lounge